Saturday, January 29, 2005

God and Guatemala

more on all this to come later, but i just wanted to tell you all that i love God, and i'm going to Guatemala. those two things can sum up what's been going on in my life lately.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Prayer Request

please pray for the Highland church family in Abilene, Texas. a suburban carrying 7 kids and being driven by a mom was involved in an accident. one boy was killed, and the other 7 were all injured, some severely. please pray for these families. you can read about the accident at,1874,ABIL_7959_3476519,00.html
you may have to register at in order to access the article.
thank you for taking the time to pray.

Monday, January 10, 2005

kent has a blog?

it's been over a month since my last post, but now, at the encouragement of my dear friend niki, for whom i have much respect, kentbrantly shall blog again! i first created this blog with the belief that nobody would ever see it. then i began to see links to it on some of my friends' blogs. so perhaps some people actually began reading my thoughts as i displayed them for the world to see. but so much time has gone by, that i'm sure even those who at one time checked this site periodically have probably long since ceased stopping by to read "discipline and frustration."
but enough about me not blogging, and on to the matters at hand.
i don't know exactly where to start. there is plenty of serious stuff to talk about, but first let's discuss the jackpot i hit this weekend. my mom took me to Dick's Sporting Goods (formerly Galyan's) and they were having a going out of business 50% off everything sale. and man did i score big. i'm set for every major sporting event from now to 2015 - golf clubs, baseball glove, running shoes - and a few other accessories. looks like Christmas hit the Brantly home more than once this holiday season. also, thanks to a generous gift certificate from my friend anita willis, i bought a spanish/english Bible. i'm looking forward to being able to read the spanish version one of these days. i also bought another book today "the richest man in babylon." it was recommended by my econ teacher in high school, but i'm just now getting around to reading it.
as for more serious matters, life is full of ups and downs. in my last post i said i am less disciplined now than i was 3 years ago. while that may be true, those 3 years have been full of periods of greater and lesser discipline and virtue. but one thing gives me hope. one thing tells me that today will be better than yesterday. one thing tells me that i'll make it through. and that one thing is not my self-confidence, my great track record, or my great faith. in all honesty, that one thing is not even the encouragement i get from friends like benny and niki, or the many others of you who speak life into me on so many occassions and in so many ways. that one thing that surpasses all of my failures and gives me hope to keep on going and to keep on trying is the unfailing, unending, steadfast, gracious love of God. even when i spit in his face (which i feel i've done lately) He wipes it off, takes my hand in His, and says "I love you, kent." several passages of scripture have been opened to me in new ways recently. check out Psalm 73. even when you feel your feet have almost slipped, you can be reminded that He is always with you and He holds you by your right hand, guiding you with His counsel. even when your flesh fails to act according to His will, and even when your heart fails to desire His heart, He will be the strength of your heart, and your portion - FOREVER!
and everybody knows the 23rd Psalm. but read it again with new ears. praise the Lord for being the good shepherd!
all of this may not make much sense, but i had to share that God is working in my life... even when i don't cooperate. so thank you to those of you who have offered me encouragement, and thank you to those who set examples for me by the way you live. and thanks for your prayers. feel free to comment on anything i've said, whether it is something that struck you, or even if it's something with which you disagree. and feel free to share with me how God is working in your life. we all need to hear those stories more often.
thanks for hanging with me through this whole thing - give yourself a pat on the back if you've read this far.